Exposition in Ann Arbor!

On April 17, we presented our project to a group of UM faculty, students, and staff, along with some of our friends and family members. You can watch our presentation in the video below:

Following our lightning talk, we had the opportunity to present our poster and prototype, and answer questions from audience members.

GIEP Team at Expo


Pilot Usability Testing

Our team is getting ready to do a pilot usability test in Ann Arbor. Usability testing is a major part of our plan in India, so we want to test out our process before we go abroad. We’re building out more features of the prototype to test with senior citizen participants at the Turner Senior Resource Center this week. Stay tuned for more updates after our pilot test!

Working with Content

In the last two weeks, we’ve received some sample content from our client. We’re using this content to provide the context for our design decisions. After reading through some content on Alzheimer’s, we brainstormed ideas for an informational page on Alzheimer’s and recreated our drawings into our prototype.


On the left is a preliminary whiteboard sketch of a content page for Alzheimer’s disease. We were brainstorming as a team and drawing ideas on the board.

On the right is a screenshot of our prototype version of the whiteboard sketch. We’re still brainstorming ways to fit the Q&A feature into this page. We’d like to show the Alzheimer’s-tagged questions that have the most helpful answers on this page. Click on either image to enlarge and see more details.